Book Booboos & Strange Statements

Gold, by Sarah Angliss, published by Benchmark Books, c2000, ISBN 0-7614-0887-8

Page 13

Governments sometimes buy and sell billions of dollars worth of gold to change the value of their country's currency. But they rarely get to see the gold they buy: most of it is kept locked up in save vaults around the world. In Switzerland, it is looked after by individuals mysteriously called the "gnomes of Zurich."

Magnesium, by Colin Uttley, published by Banchmark Books, c2000, ISBN 0-7614--889-0

Page 17

A picture captioned "These bicycle frames are made from two of the lightest metals--magnesium and aluminum.", shows commuter bicycles that are steel framed.

Peter The Great And Tsarist Russia, by Miriam Grenblatt, published by Benchmark Books, c2000, ISBN 0-7614-0914-9

Page 50

The Russians enjoyed themselves in many other ways besides drinking.

Arizona, by Melissa McDaniel, published by Benchmark Books, c2000, ISBN 0-7614-0647-6

Page 21

It's not a coincidence that Arizona boasts more places with hell in their name than any other state. There are fifty-five of them, ranging from Hell Hole Valley to Hellgate Mountain, not to mention four different Hell Canyons.

Page 24

Music and lyrics for a song titles "Hell In Arizona".

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