Books I've Been Reading

A list of books I've read. Take a look and see if you find any of these interesting.

Goto My Booklist to see the current updated list of books read.

Go visit World Of Reading. They have book reviews by kids.

The focus of this list what books I am reading. Please remember that many of these books are unsuitable for children and immature adults.

An interesting site for school library/childrens-oriented reviews is Frederick Muller's Book Reviews. His reviews are directed towards book selection by librarians.

Take a look at John's Book Pages for a comprehensive list with comments on what John is reading.

I got a couple of leads on books to read from Lost Books too.


A List Of Books To Look Out For!


A List Of Authors And Their Series!

A book a day keeps the wolf away!!

Boring Statistics

Step One:

Find your way to Books I've Been Reading (You Are Here!) and click on the My Booklist link.

Step Two:

After arriving at My Booklist , click the link to “Display Statistics in” the upper right-hand corner.

Step Three:

Scroll down to the “Month Read” section. Choose the month you wish to view the titles read, then click on it.

Step Five:

A list of the books read that month will appear, like magic! You can click on other month to see what is there, but each list stays visible. But what do you care about that?

I tell a lie! You can click on the month again, and the list will disappear!

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Books To Look Out For!

Moody, Greg
	Perfect Circles
		Check SDPL to see when available for check-out.

Block, Lawrence, ed.
	Speaking Of Lust
          Available at SDPL Central (813.01083 SPEAKING)

Bourdain, Anthony
	A cooks tour
          Available at County (641.01 BOU)

Petrey, Susan
      Gifts of blood

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Dick Francis bibliography

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A List Of Authors And Their Series!

Barnard, Robert		Constable Charlie Peace and other various.
Barnes, Linda		P.I. Carlotta Carlyle
Barr, Nevada		Ranger Anna Pigeon
Beaton, M.C.		Agatha Raison/Constable Hamish Macbeth
Block, Lawrence		Burglar Bernie Rhodenbarr/P.I. Matthew Scudder
Bowen, Michael		Washington D.C. guy Richard Michaelson
Briody, Thomas Gately	T.V. reporter Michael Carolina
Cody, Liza		London P.I. Anna Lee and wrestler Eva Wylie
Connelly, Michael	L.A. Detective Harry Bosch
Constantine, K.C.	Chief Mario Balzic, Ruggs Carlucci of Rocksburg
Cook, Robin		Doctors Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomery
Cornwell, Patricia	Pathologist Kay Scarpetta
Crider, Bill		P.I. Truman Smith
Crumley, James		P.I. C.V. Sughrue
Emerson, Earl		Fire Chief Mac Fontana/P.I. Thomas Black
Faherty, Terence	Researcher Owen Keane
Fowler, Earlene		Cowgirl/Museum Benni Harper
Gash, Jonathon		Antique dealer Lovejoy
Grafton, Sue		P.I. Kinsey Millhone
Granger, Bill		The November Man
Grant, Linda		P.I Catherine Saylor
Greeley, Andrew		Bishop Blackie Ryan
Greenleaf, Stephen	P.I. John Tanner
Grimes, Martha		Superintendent Richard Jury 
Grisham, John		Lawyers
Hall, Parnall		P.I. Stanley Hastings 
Hebden, Mark		Inspector Pel
Henry, Sue		Trooper Alex Jensen and musher Jessie Arnold.
Herman, Richard Jr.	Military, mostly Matt Pontowski and relatives
Hess, Joan		Bookstore owner Claire Malloy/Chief Arly Hanks 
Hiaasen, Carl		Florida wierdnesss
Hillerman, Tony		Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee
Kaminsky, Stuart	Inspector R. in Russia/P.I. Toby Peters
Kellog, Marne Davis	Sheriff Lily Bennet
Leonard, Elmore		Chile Palmer and others
Macleod,  Charlotte	Sarah Kelling and Max Bittersohn 
MacPherson, Rett	Genealogist Torie O'Shea 
Marshall, William	Yellowthread Street
McBain, Ed		87th Precinct
McCrumb, Sharyn		Pathologist Elizbeth MacPherson/Sheriff Spencer Arrowood
Paretsky, Sara		P.I. V.I. Warshawski
Pickard, Nancy		Eugenia Potter series after V. Rich died
Poyer, D. C.		Tiller Galloway/Dan Lenson/C(W?).T. Halverson
Reeves, Robert		Prof. Thomas Theron
Rich, Virginia		Eugenia Potter series
Robinson, Patrick	Navy stories
Russell, Alan		Hotel California/P.I. Stuart Winter
Russell, Randy		Horse player Rooster Franklin
Scott, Justin		Benjamin Abbott III
Smith, Julie 		New Orleans police officer Skip Langdon
Tapply, William G.	Lawyer Brady Coyne 
Waldman, Ayelet		Juliet Applebaum New Mom/P.I./Lawyer
Wallingford, Lee	Frank & Ginny with the Forest Service in Oregon
Wambaugh, Joseph	Police stories
Westermann, John	Orin Boyd NYPD 
Westlake, Donald	Dortmunder gang
Wood, Ted		Small Canadian town police chief Reid Bennett 

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