The 'Een Page

This page is dedicated to all the girls I've known whose name ends in 'een. Matt points out that these names DO NOT end in "een". Well, I say they SOUND like they end in...

Maureen, Sharleen, Arlene, Marlene, and somebody else I can't remember...

Christine (Hadas) darkly.

Maureen, Phil, Al and Caroline. Who is who?

Mo washing the dishes.

Mo in Little Red Dress.

Mo reading.

Eileen walking home school.

Arlene at Patrick Henry. I swear that girl was the darndest cook I ever met...

Later in life I made the observation that when your are pregnant, there are pregnant people all around. You just never noticed them before. Same with double hernias. In THIS case we're talking about beauty school students. You know one, you meet a BUNCH of them! Debbie, Sam (who was Maureen, but not the one above), and in this picture we see Marlene. Check out the Buick "White Phantom" convertable in the background. Love that Land Cruiser too!

Norma Jean and the evil Paco.

Senior prom?

Sharlene from Brandywine. I have never seen her in person, but she writes a great letter and takes a great picture!

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