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So what is a Hodaka? A great general purpose trail bike imported by PAcific BAsin Trading COmpany (PABATCO) back in the 60's and early 70's. The Ace 100 could be user modified into almost any kid of bike. I have seen pictures of versions for trials, road racing and motocross. They had great names, like Super Rat, Wombat, Combat Wombat, Thunderdog, Road Toad, and, of course, the ACE.

My Ace 100 with a Van Tech leading link suspension, but stock shocks on the back! Check out what Ed Hertfelder has to say about the Greeves and its leading link suspension.

My tricked-out ACE 100 in the foreground, my friend Bob G.'s 125 Wombat in the background. We were riding in the San Bernardino Mountains and got stuck in the snow.

Bob's Wombat stuck in a crack in the ground! About thirty feet down the road there was a ten-foot drop where another road cut across it! Good thing we got stopped!

A big crack works better than brakes for stopping!

The Hodaka buddy seat that fastens onto the luggage rack!

Another view of the buddy seat...if I only had the bike to put it on!

Artistic shot of Hodaka with number plates for motocross racing. I actually finished! My spaceman helmet is perched on the seat.

Note the "Dirt Rider" brand tool bag on the forks. Whatever happened to Carl Shipman, anyway?

That would be ME perched on the seat now.

Finally, a relatively clear view of the mighty Hodaka!

Photo notes: Most of the pictures are crummy because they were shot in the 70's with a very cheap Kodak 120 type camera. The "crack" and "snow" pictures were taken with a Minolta 16mm subminature spy camera. The seat pictures were taken by a friend with a digital camera. The wings is an embroidered patch that was scanned in.

Back in the seventies I read an article in Cycle magazine that talked about motocycle theft. They said it was important to make sure that the serial number on your registration matched the pink slip. I said, hey, that sounds like a good idea. So I went down and checked the slip against the number on the Hodaka...sure enough, it didn't match! So I went down to the Dept. Of Motor Vehicles...well, the Highway Patrol Officer was very nice, he didn't arrest me when the number on my Hodaka came back as stolen...I had possesed it a year before the stolen vehicle report. It turns out that once upon a time a guy owned TWO Hodakas, same model. I got the wrong pink slip from him, and the other guy who bought one didn't check his, either! So, anyway, I had to mail my pink to a sailor on a ship somewhere, and he mailed me his and everything got straightened out!! Took about six months and many phone calls to the Highway Patrol.

So, the Moral Is:

Check the Pink Slip against the number on the machine!!

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