Hospital Pictures & Garden Pictures

Pictures from when I was in the hospital. We took the garden pictures to finish out the roll!!

Whoops, forgot the most important picture, the STITCHES/STAPLES! Added it 4/23/02

Hospital Pictures

Picture Description Thumbnail
There I am watching TV in my Saint Patrick's Day hat my mother made for me! (21kb)
A silly look on my face! Must be the Demerol! (23kb)
Still watching TV (what else is there to do?) Lots of flowers on cart that people sent me! (26kb)
My wife Camellia came to visit. (16kb)
One of my nurses and medical assistant. All the nurses and m.a.'s, really, everyone at the hospital was very nice. My puking pan is in place on the portable toilet. (24kb)
I forget what the yellow machine does. It's hooked up to my finger, where it glowed. Made me think of ET! (10kb)
The other activity! Walking down the hall. twice a day! How about them sexy stockings? (18kb)!
Ok, here they are! Count the stiches/staples! (45 kb)
This is me and my surgeon. That's my bathroom clipped to the bed rail. (24kb)
Dinner time! Notice the full urine bottle on toilet. (58kb)
All comfey on the chair, with my bile drain bag! (26kb)
Taking some sun in the yard in the Hawaiian shirt Lorie got me. That faint white line back by the fence is a Cat 5 line going through the back yard from one neighbor to another... (43kb)
Me and Lorie. (27kb)
Matthew and I. (24kb)

Garden Pictures

Picture Description Thumbnail
Here is the plant arrangement my fellow library techs sent! It has a butterfly, two cute little birds, and a frog on it! (63kb)
We planted some sunflower seeds by the rocks, and in the pots. The poppies are new this year. Same old weeds!(49kb)
Our red and yellow roses, and the neighbor's broken mirror. (35kb)
Iris growing profusely. (43kb)
The La Mesa Air Force passing over... It occurs to me (5/8) that no one knows what I'm talking about here. These jets were circling for about 15 minutes overhead before they headed over for the Padres opening game flyover. I was trying to make some kind of patriotic home defense analogy here... I was going to Photoshop "La Mesa" on the side of the plane, but they are too small. They were flying REALLY LOW, no kidding! (57kb)

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