Models and Toys I Have Known

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Ahhh! The Germans are attacking our kitchen!!
I think it is called a panzerjager. An anti-tank gun on a tank.

G.I Joe and Mike Hazard (by Marx!)!! Violence! Carnage!

These are the big (11 inch?) dolls, I mean manly fighting-men toys from the late 60s or so.

S.F.3.D Super Armored Fighting Suit Raccoon S.A.F.S.R.

This is a way-cool kit with movable joints.

Shot under quartz lamps, instead of flourescent...

Back view, high brightness adjusted. Still learning about depth of field!!

Love those bushy eyebrows. I see a lot of glue joints that should have been smoothed. I added the wire antenna.

These are the four kits I have yet to build.

For more information on S.F.3.D / Ma.K. ZbV3000 model kits check the link on my Table Of Contents page.

The Pennsylvania, a ship from the fleet of Benedict Arnold on Lake Champlain.
Looks like it is trapped by a giant iceberg!
Model is constructed mostly of balsa wood from plans in a book. Blocks, cannons and figures were purchased.

Closeup, showing the out-of-focus bow cannon and rigging.

Closeup showing amidships cannon and fireplace. How cozy! Barrels and buckets were also purchased.

Cutty Sark. So far, so good... If I ever get the holes drilled for the masts I will stick them in. It has been two years waiting for those darn holes, so far!!

HO scale model of railroad carferry dock showing right side. Model was dropped so there are some broken or bent parts.

Closeup showing left side of dock. Painted black instead of creosote, whoops! Tried to lighten it with chalk.

Carferry dock picture editied with Paintshop Pro.

Carferry dock view down the apron from shore side.

Closeup of balance weight and arm. Cries out for bolt detail, doesn't it? Chunk of wood instead of bolt holding link on!

Original was essentially a duplicate of ferry020.jpg. Matthew replaced the broken arm and I did the sky and water. Thanks to Paint Shop Pro!!

HO scale carferry pilot house port side. Notice the exquisite detail!

View of port side. How straight are those handrails?

Closer up port side. Now I have to tie all the tire bumpers on.

Close up starboard side of pilot house. What the heck are those white blotches?

Close up of port side of pilot house.

hoist14July2006 012Brownhoist HO scale model 7/2006

hoist14July2006 013Brownhoist HO scale model 7/2006

hoist14July2006 011Brownhoist HO scale model 7/2006

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