Two Danish Christmas Decorations

When I was little my grandma from Denmark would have decorations like this heart on her Christmas tree. She tried to show me how to make them but I just did not get it. Finally, when I was about twenty-seven years old I managed to figure out how to work the weave.

They can be any Christmas color or size. The hearts open up so you can put candy or nuts in them. See the list at the bottom of this page for how-to links.

This is a tracing of a photocopy of a commerical product from c.1960. I am sure it is copyrighted somewhere but I have no idea where..

She also had Nisser (or Nisse?), like this little fellow. He has fallen over the edge of a shelf but his cap has stuck to a splinter and keeps him from falling!
UPDATE: I have seen these called Kravlenisser.

You can click on the image to see an outline version that may be printed and colored. I used felt pens for a translucent color. Carefully cut the tab above the cap so you can fold it for fastening to a picture frame or shelf edge.


The Nisser has more interesting information about these little guys.

Danish Christmas Hearts has an excellent pictorial on heart construction.

Woven Paper Christmas Heart Basket has a very nice pictorial on heart with extra information on making some very fancy ones.

All about Frederik Bramming and his Kravlenisser from the Comics Museum. Mostly in Danish...

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