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The tailless cat came to stay after my wife fed it. It originally belonged to one of our neighbors, but he said it was OK if it stayed here.

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An undated picture of Camellia and the tailless cat.

Dated August 2008, Camellia and the tailless cat on the bench. I think it's name was Graybear at this time.

The tailless cat looking through the screen door.

This one is NOT the tailless cat, just yet another neighbor's cat in our yard.

Camellia painted this picture of the tailless cat.

Not posed. Is he wondering why the birds don't come to take a bath?

Not posed. Who would even imagine posing a cat like this?

Another unposed picture. I found him in there, I know not why!

The tailless cat keeping an eye on things.

The tailless cat had a name, of course. He had MANY names! Graybear was the neighbor's name for him, I think.
Camellia called him Velvet or Velvey most of the time. Sometimes she called him Velveeta or Spivey. I just called him "Cat", most of the time.

Camellia thought the cat was a girl, even though the vets said it was a boy.

I was just laying there on the bed when he jumped up and weaseled his way under the book to get some attention.

He did like to be brushed, though!

The siamese from next door is at the door.

While the harness experiement was pretty much a failure, I did take the kitty geocaching a couple of times in it. Once, he escaped and tried climbing a chain-link fence. While grabbing him I spotted the cache, which was quite aways away from where it was supposed to be. So I'd say Veveeta saved the day!

The tailless cat had medical issues that we were unable to resolve. Eventually he decided he wanted to stay outside, only coming back to eat. After a couple of months or so he just stop coming back at all.

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