Choo Choos

Heisler locomotive on display in Monterey in 1972 or so. A Heisler is a geared locomotive. The two cylinders are in a "V" arrangement driving a crankshaft, not unlike a V-8 (V-2?) automobile engine.

Heisler tender.

Close-up of Heisler locomotive gear. Go visit Mark's Heisler Page for more information about Heisler locomotives.

Three truck Shay at San Diego, California. I had the good fortune to be riding in the cab when a small oil leak caught fire! Exciting! Too bad my photo of THAT only shows a flame, not the loco it's in.

It was raining a lot that day and the siding was leaning over because of the uneven weight (the cyclinders are all on one side) of the locomotive. They kept running the loco back and forth so the weight would be distributed on the siding. This picture shows the loco being towed to a turntable so the weight would be on the other side of the siding. That was fun too! You can see the steam is up!

My three truck Shay painted by Brian Whiton. This is Brians's layout in his Air Force room. Photo by Brian, too. Crummy scan by me!

Postcard of three truck Shay at San Diego. I believe you can see this locomotive at the San Diego Railroad Museum .

Three truck Shay and car ferry. Another scene from Brian's layout. Another photo by Brian. Another scan, but a little better, I think, by me!

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