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This is a chart of my training progress for the Tour de Tucson.

El Tour de Tucson was held on November 21, 1998 this year. I finished the 111 mile route in 8 hours and 36 minutes, including rest stops. Actual riding time was 7 hours and 36 minutes. I came in number 1453rd. I had a really good ride and felt pretty good up the the 75 mile point. The last 35 miles were kind of boring and my butt hurt!! Imagine that! The "water" crossings were fun! It was great having scouts to hold our bikes at the aid stations!! I have to thank them and the tremendous effort by the local police forces. Traffic control was excellent and the police were extremely helplful, courteous and encouraging!!! So much diffent than SOME rides I could memtion... It was great having the announcer announce my name as I crossed finish line. The medals are great looking and weigh a TON!! I am looking forward to next year. Maybe I will join up with the Team In Training Leukemia Society effort. It was inspiring to hear their riders' stories and to see the support they received! GO TEAM!!

MANY thanks to the fabulous Johnny Z. for driving my butt to Tucson and getting me into bike riding!

This is me posing for the school yearbook.

Two years later...

My friend Bob L. died the day of the ride but I didn't find out until two weeks later because I didn't call. Bob loved bicycle riding and had restored a old bike he had into primo condition. After he got cancer he couldn't ride because he couldn't raise his head. He missed it a lot. I was thinking today (October, 2000) that I haven't riden very much since then.

Cipollini movie deleted May 2006 to conserve space

Jill and her new Terry a few days before it was stolen.

Here is Jill with her new Terry, a somewhat sadder and wiser Jill, is she.

Chris making those last minute adjustments. Bike For Breath 1991.

Always stop for stoplights! (65k)

Roger D. looking sharp in the 60's! First person I ever knew with a ten-speed.(32k)

Look out, it's Jimmy Wilde! Look like my Schwinn Stingray (21k)

In light of the recent cougar attacks on bicyclists (Jan. 2004) this might be a useful accessary. On the Littlegun website we find the Velodog gun. Scroll down to read the description. Doesn't look like it would fit in a water bottle cage, and the trigger sticking way out there looks mighty scary! LATER: I see it's a foldable trigger.

Here are some bike thoughts that ocurred to me. NOT the blog! That's farther done the page.

Here is a page showing the contents of my tool bag.

Interested in the gears on my bike, past present, and possibly future.

Click here for a pop up window listing my cycling mileage.

Click here for a pop up window showing a graphical-type chart of same.

Pop up window code from HTML Code Turtorial. Thanks for being there!

High mileage gloves. I got two pairs for a good price but have been saving the second pair to replace the first pair when they get ratty.

I really need a decent digital camera!

My Bicycle Musing blog.

A map showing a regular ride I go on a couple times a week. I call it Dam Ride One. The hill up Jackson is a good workout for me and since I've lost weight I find I can climb it in a higher gear than I first thought. The starting point is the parking lot at Baltimore and El Cajon Blvd. The length is about 20 miles.

A map shows Dam Ride Two, yet again passing through the Mission Trails bike path. There is also a short section of bike path near Gillespie Field. The length is about 22 miles.

A really good source of information on bicycle camping, commuting, safety, nutrition, and humour.


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