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My Pages

Stuff censored at *ershing Middle School! Bicycle pictures and stuff. I stole the Rosetta stone!
William C. Anderson bibliography. QSL cards and short wave listening. Waterline ship miniatures.
Things I want to accomplish in my lifetime. Weepy Movies I have seen! Rated! My favorite magazines
Books I've Been Reading Rated "R" for mature content (Over 120k of reading goodness. And badness). Writings, a place to put them Motorcycles I have known. Not Hodakas...well, maybe one...
Hodaka Page A great motorcycle. 'Een page Girls who names end in 'een. The page that started it all! Strange pictures from the newspaper.
Models I Have known No, not THAT kind! Two Danish Christmas ornaments. Food I like.
My case for the I.D. of the Mysterial Aerial Memories of our bud Debby Choo choo stuff A coupla train pix I have.
Hospital and garden pictures. Wonders Of The Heavens 35th CES Tales of the 35th CES.
Cars I like. Cast of characters Move along, nothing to see here! Book booboos and wierd statements.
Library plans folder Little movies I made. J.A.M.S. Just Another Middle School -- Some info, but also parody and sarcasm... and pictures of daze gone bye! You have been warned!
Tailless cat images PUBLIC STATEMENT -- I have no connection whatsoever with the fellow with same username that is on forums.plentyoffish.com WHATSOEVER! It's not me! I swear!

Other People's Pages

Phoenix5 A site about prostate cancer. Very helpful to me. This space for rent! Magic Mill. create fake diplomas online.
Serge Gainsbourg. a French singer-provocateur. Visit the U.S. National Debt Clock This space for rent!
This space for rent! This space for rent! This space for rent!
S.F.3.D Original Zbv3000 Maschinen Krieger ... Cool S.F.3d model site This space for rent! Links to the wierd and wonderful. Often rated "R".
This space for rent! This space for rent! This space for rent!
This space for rent! This space for rent!! Useful phrases in Spanish from Outside magazine. Link from THEIR Table Of Contents for the February 1996 issue does not work!
This Space For Rent This Space For Rent This Space For Rent
Bad Science Mistaught science, at least according to this guy. Abandoned missle base VR tour.Very excellent!! Infiltration: the zine about going places you're not supposed to go How about the "Storm Drains Of La Mesa"??
This Space For Rent This Space For Rent

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