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Listening to shortwave radio stations is interesting and fun! I like to hear music and the news from far away lands.  Here is a pic of one of my very first radios. My uncle Hugo gave me the silver one, and the other is a radio/phonograph in a wood case. The sheet of plywood in the background is the bottom of my railroad. Check out the "cheesecake" pic in the upper right. That is NOT mine! See the little Baby Ben clock on top of the phono/radio. I love that clock! View a picture of the junior op at the operating position in a previous station, and view of the messycurrrent station!. If you send a letter to a shortwave station and it meets their criteria, you may receive a QSL card, which is a verification of your report of reception.  Here are images of cards I have received over the years.  Choose which set of cards to see, then click on the image to see a full size one.
The Americas
Asia and Oceania
Africa and the Middle East


QSL Cards From The Americas

A postcard (not a QSL card) from HCJB, Quito, Ecuador.
QSL card from HCJB for a report dated Jan. 27, 1964. I was thrilledto hear my letter read over the air!
My first QSL card, XEUDS, Sonora, Mexico in 1963, I think.
KUSW in Salt Lake City, Utah with 100,000 watts on May 29, 1989.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on June 4, 1964.
Trans World Radio, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles on Sept. 8, 1964.
View from top of 760 foot medium wave transmitting antenna at TransWorld Radio.. The medium wave station is rated at 500,000 watts, but Iheard the lesser powered short wave stations.
WWVH broacasts the time and other information from Kauai, Hawaii underthe auspices of the National Bureau of Standards.
WWV broadcasts the time and other information on various frequenciesfrom Fort Colins, Colorado. These kinds of stations are called "Utility"or "Utes".
FUF is a French naval radio station on the island of Martinique. Iheard it on July 12, 1989. Sometimes you get stamps!
Radio Habana Cuba heard on January 21, 1990.

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