I stole the Rosetta Stone!

This is the total truth! I would NEVER lie, to YOU!!

I stole the Rosetta stone from the British Museum in London! I replaced it with a plaster-covered foam replica! I smuggled through Customs in a large backpack, as carry-on luggage. The fools never even noticed it was missing!!

Here is photographic proof! Boy, is that piece of rock heavy!

Rosetta Stone info. A commercial site with a cool tee shirt for sale.

Rosetta Stone A subpage of Mr. Deutsch's Egypt Page. A very nice resource!

Hunterian Museum Exhibition Deluded souls.. They have a copy of a COPY!

Tehuti Research Foundation Interesting thoughts on the Stone, but selling a creepy-sounding book...

MurrayCo Buy your own Rosetta Stone.

Fragments Of Time British Museum not giving Stone back...

David Brown's Final Project Some good Stone links. Most worked 4/99

Hieroglyphics (Blue Network) Everything you every wanted to know...

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The picture was taken (as she so modestly pointed out) by Debbie H.--so THERE!